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Networked computers are at constant threat from virus and other forms of nasty things like spyware and malware .

If you use your laptop or decktop PC on access the internet, then at some point it will be targeted by download sites or emailed threats that either upload a package to your PC, or more commonly take over your computer, really!

Some viruses sit in the background slowing you system causing files to take longer to load and open. Others will render the system useless, causing it not to boot or function and in these cases it often best to do a full windows re install. Again this is something that Laptop Repair Dorking can help with, and many will be surprised to hear that this does not necessarily mean that you will loose all your file!

Viruses can sometimes be removed quite easily using specialised anti virus programmes or other techniques without having to do a full windows reinstallion .

With Viruses, prevention is much better than cure!

Many people are still under the misconception that you need to buy 'a good anti virus' software. The truth is that there are many available for free and they work just as well as many of the paid for options.

Laptop Repair Dorking can help you decide what is best for you, and then help install it on your system.

If you think you pc or laptop is under threat then contact us ASAP and we will help .

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