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ipadThe Apple iPad is one of the most sought after tablets around, jam-packed with advanced features to help us in every aspect of our lives. Whether used for business, entertainment or learning, the iPad continues to revolutionise our lives. But now and then, iPad owners can experience problems with their tablet and may be in need of fast, effective and affordable iPad repairs.

At Laptop repair we are now offering a complete range of Ipad repairs over the majority of ipads models are we will ensure to get your ipad repaired quickly and efficiently and returned to you in no time at all .

Laptop Repair are now able to service and repair the following Ipads – Air - Mini – Ipad 4 – Ipad 3 – Ipad 2 – Ipad

Repairs that Laptop Repair carry on Apple Ipads are as Follows.

  • Cracked & Damaged digitizer Screen.
  • Cracked or broken LCD Screens.
  • Sound & Speaker issues.
  • Broken Charging Ports.
  • Broken Audio output Ports.
  • Battery Replacements.
  • Button Replacements.
  • Cosmetic Repairs.
  • wifi connection issues .
  • Liquid Damage.

How to get started with your iPad Repair

It's easy to get your broken iPad repaired, Just go to our contact us page and send us the model number of your Ipad ,can please also describe the fault that you are having with your ipad.

You can find the model number on the back of your ipad .

We will then look up the best price for the part and then send you a estimate for the repair with will include cost of parts and labour charges.

If you are happy with the quote given then just email us back. We can order the parts needed to repair your ipad only if you leave a deposit ,as soon as the parts are in we will contact you so that you can then arrange with us when you can bring the ipad in for us to repair it .

IPad Repairs Turnaround times

Repair turnaround times vary through out the year, as demand for our fantastic ipad repair services increases during peak times. However our average turnaround for repairs is between 3-5 working days.,this can also depend on parts stockists delivery times & also courier and royal mail delivery times .


Please ensure that you do a data back up of your ipad to another external device ,as laptop repair dorking will not be held responsible for any data loss that may occur while your ipad is with us for repair .

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