Services Available from Laptop Repair Dorking

At Laptop Repair Dorking we believe in total transparency.

There is no such thing as ' FREE! ' and you will be paying for that free callout offered by some companies somewhere, whether with inflated part prices or hourly rates.

Fees & Charges

Call Out and Home Visits Home visit - Call Out fee - £60.00This includeds the first hour of service time.

Additional Hours - £35 per hour.

Maximum callout charge- £130.00 includes travel and includes upto 4 hours at your location.This charge also includes running of diagnostics,virus scans etc. If you PC or Laptop needs replacement parts these are not included in the callout fee.

Return to Base Charges Diagnostic Test - £25.00

Windows Re install , drivers & updates - £100.00

Motheboard replacements - £115.00 Hard drive replacements & windows install , drivers & updates - £130.00 ( does not include price of hard drive repalcement part )

Memory upgrade - £40.00

processor upgrade - £50 . 00

system internal clean - £65.00

Repairs ( General Faults ) - £ 70.00 laptop screen - £50.00

virus removal - £ 70.00

cosmetic repair - £ 65.00 - PLUS PARTS

Desktop build - £100.00 *Fees do not include cost of parts .

I am also happy to do repairs by post , if you have a faulty laptop that you would like fixed and live a long away from me then email me for details about this service, once the laptop is fixed it will be wrapped well in bubble wrap and placed in a strong box and sent back to the customer by courier service (DHL).or other Please note that the cost of the courier service will be added to the cost of the repair of the laptop.

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